ZIP File
How to Zip a file using Embird Manager.
In Embird manager, open the folder where the files are
located that you want to zip.
I will be Zipping the Cowgird.pes and cowgird.eof file. I
could Zip as many files as selected.
After all the files are selected, right click and then left
click on Add to Zip.
In this box, click Yes if you only want one zip file, or click
no if you want to zip every file into its own file.
In this box I chose to click no.
This box will let you add a pass word in order to unzip a
file. So I choose to click on Cancel.  

If you choose to put a password and forget what the
password is, you will not be able to unzip the file.
On this box click Ok.
Click ok .

You are done.
Download the PDF file
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