Stitch Type
Here is a Zip file of the above picture that
you can download to work along with me.
How to change a running stitch to a jump stitch.
Have you ever stitched out a design and have it look like the one
below, with running stitches going from one area to the next? This
tutorial will show you how to change the stitch type.
Open the design in Embird Editor. Click on the Normal tab at
the bottom left side. On the top bar click on View  then
Stitch Direction.
Click on the Zoom button, the 5th one down on the left tool
bar. Zoom out until it looks like the one below. You need to
be able to see all the stitches.
Look where the 5 arrows are pointing, above. These are the
five stitches we need to change from a running stitch to a
jump stitch.
Click on the Freehand Select tool, the 3rd one down on the
left tool bar.
Take the freehand tool and select and click around the stitch
shown above. When back to where you started, cross over to
where you started (making a continuous circle) and double
click. The running stitch will turn red like the picture above.
While the stitch is selected, on the top right side, click on the
Stitch Type button, see above.
Put a check in the Floating stitch circle, click OK.
You can now see that the line is now little dots. This means
the running stitch has changed to a jump stitch.
Do the same procedure to this Stitch.
And the same here.
You might have to zoom out more to find the stitch on
this one. Once you find it, do the same as the proceeding
One more to do the same way.
Your design should now look like the one above.
You are finished. Save your design and stitch it out.
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