This tutorial will show you step by step on how to make a snow
globe using Paint Shop Pro-7
To Make A Snow Globe, Using Paint Shop Pro-7  

You can download some sparkle tube here

look through the Pictures or Tubes that you own and select the one that you want to
use for the Globe. Here's a picture of an Angel, I wanted to use in a globe.
Select the PART of the area you want to use in the globe; using the selection tool
with type set to circle, select a circle about 250 X 250 pixels wide with the mouse.
(Numbers are at the bottom of the PSP screen on the Left side) and release the
mouse.). See next Picture
When the circle is where you want it, Go to edit and copy the selected area
Make a new image, size about 300 x 600, with a background transparent.
Click on edit paste as new Selection. Position the circle in the center close to the
top. When you have it were you want it left click on it one time. See below
Leave it Selected.
3-D Effects
Inner Bevel
and use these setting "see below"
This shows a picture of my Dog instead of a Angel, But it will be the
Unselect everything (Selections / none). Now it is time to add a Base. You
can add a ready-made base or make a new one.
Rectangle. Draw a Rectangle at the bottom of the Globe like the one.
Them click on the scissors (cut ) at the top and it will get rid of the white part
that inside of the selection area see below.
Now is the time to fill the base with the color or preset of your choice. I
always flood fill it with white before I put a preset on it. See below
Now you can add a preset
The last step before animating the globe will be to get rid of some of the excess
space. This will make the file smaller. Unselect everything (Selections/none).
Set the selection tool to rectangle. Start near the top left corner; outline around
the globe then go to Image / crop to selection.
Type Shift “D” This will made a second copy of your file. I always put my
2 pictures side by side to add the stars or what ever
Now Click on the Picture Tube tool and open your favorite Sparkle tube.
Vary the sizes of the tubes from about 15% to about 25% using the slider.
Place about 9-12 tubes in each image. Be sure to vary the placement of
the tubes as well as the size.
Save each image after you place the tubes. The first one you could
call ang1.psp, the second ang2.psp, MAKE SURE THIS TIME
YOU SAVE THEM AS A “ PSP FILE.” Put them in a folder so
you can find them.
Open Animation shop

Click on the animation Wizard, Check only Same Size as the first image frame,
then click next.
Check transparent for canvas color, click next.
Check - Centered in the Frame and With the canvas color and click next.
Check - Centered in the Frame and With the canvas color and click next.
Check Yes repeat the animation indefinitely, and fill in how long each frame
will displayed (start with 30 for now), click next.
Now you'll add the images you just saved; Click add and select ang1.psp from
the folder where you saved it, repeat for ang2 etc.
Click next.
Click Finish

To View your Animation click on this button on the top tool bar
Leave at high quality and click next; the program will now optimize the
Click Finish.

Your Globe is done!

An easy snow globe tutorial by Fire 7
To down load the Snow Globe tutorial in a PDF file.
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I use this tutorial to made these two snow globes.