Merging A Design
If you have a design open in Embird Editor, click on File
and open to bring in a new design, the design you already
have open will close.
In order to keep the design open and bring in other
designs, you need to use the Merge function.
Click on File, Merge.
Find the folder where the designs are on your
After you select the first design, if you hold the Ctrl key
down on your keyboard, you can select as many designs
as you like. Once you have them all selected click on OK.
All the designs will now open in Editor in the
middle of the hoop on top of each other. See
picture above.
If you look on the right side, you will see all
of the designs there.
Left click on a design on the right side. That design
will be selected and you can move it around to a
different area. Once you have the designs
positioned the way you want them, save and
How to open a second design in Editor when you have a
design already open.
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