Masking A Design
Whenever you get a design that has more than 2 layers, you can
have all kinds of problems, thread breaks, needles breaking,etc,
because the design has too many stitches, or is too dense. One
of the ways to fix this issue is to bring the design into Embird
Editor and Mask.
We will take these two designs and Mask the blue
Move the Red circle on top of one of the blue corner.
If you click on Edit at the top and look for the Mask tool
you will see that it is grayed out and you are not able to
use that tool.
To use the Mask tool, you need to have two of the
designs selected on the right side. See above.
Click on Edit at the top and find the Mask tool, and
now you can use this tool.
In this box you can play with the Pull compensation.
Try 2.0, click OK. If it does not mask (cut out)
good, click on the undo button and start over. Try
changing the compensation to 1.0.

Not all designs will mask satisfactorally.
When I move the red circle you can see where the
blue box was cut away or masked.
I will now Mask the red circle with the green star. I
put the green star on the edge of the red circle.
On the right side I will select the red circle and
the green star. See above.
When I move the green star you can see where the
red circle was masked. If you have a few running
stitches left,  don't worry about them. These stitches
are part of the underlay and will be covered up by the
design on top.
These are the three designs before I
masked them.
These are the three designs after
they were masked.
Here I took the red design and put it in
the middle of the blue design.
This is what it looks like after I mask the objects.

Not only can this save you from thread breaks and
broken needles, it cuts down on stitch count.
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