Iconizer Settings
How to Set Iconizer Settings
Open Embird Manager. Click on Options at the top and next click on
Iconizer Settings. This will open the box below.
If you want Embird to open all of your embroidery files when you double click
photo above.

In the bottom box if you do not want Embird to show pictures for all of your
Image type files click on Remove Image File Types, see "C" above.

Uncheck the small box, at "D"  or it will take Embird a long time to open as it
checks every file on your hard drive before it can open.

Click on OK.
In Manager you will see the names of all your files in a folder on the lower right
If you put a check in the top little white box, see arrow above, you will
now see pictures instead of file names.
Put a check in the bottom white box. When you click on one of the  
pictures, one time, you will see a larger picture of the same smaller version
in the right bottom frame.
When you double click on the little picture it will open up in the work area on
the left side.

With a picture open in the work area, click on Editor at the top, the picture
will then open in Editor.
Double clicking on the larger picture in the lower right,  will open it in a new box.  
Clicking on the left and right buttons, see arrow,  you will get a slide show of
all the files in that folder.
This is the end of this tutorial.
Please do not email me about using Iconizer with Windows Vista. I
still use Windows XP, and I  know very little about Windows Vista.
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