Font Engine
This is an easy tutorial on how to make multi-line text in
Font Engine and keep the size uniform.
Open Font Engine in Embird Editor.

If you do not have Font Engine you
can also use one of Embird's font's.
If you would like to follow along with me, I use
Arial narrow font. I type in the letters "anoue ".
These are just some letters I picked to use, all
small letters.
Next click on the Properties tab at the top. Check Plain fill
and no outline. With the "Keep ratio box" checked, type in
1.0,  which will be 1 inch.
My grid lines are set to 1/2 inch. The letters above are one inch
from A to B.
Now take the same line of text, same size, and put a capital A
at the beginning of the other letters. You can see that the
capital A is one inch, but the other letters are about 3/4 of an
Keeping everything the same, put a small g before the
capital A. You can see that the g and the capital A are
about 3/4 of a inch and the other letter are about 1/2 inch.
What Font Engine does, when you set the size, is make the size
from the top of the largest letter to the lowest part of a letter.

They will all be the same size.  As soon as you put a capital or
one of the small letters  goes below the line, such as g, j, p, q,
y, it will be a different size.
So how do we make each line of text the same? Very easy
we trick Embird into using the first and last letter of every
line of text.

"B", and at the end of every line put a small  "g".  Embird
bottom of the "g".

You can do as many lines of text as you want as long as
you do the the same size each time and use the " B & g"
OK this sound easy, But if you wanted to put Mike on one
line and Smith on the second line. You don't want it to sew
out like this.


So when you bring each line into Editor just right click on the
B & g and delete them, Now all of your line of text will be the
See above.
Here four line of text I did. The first three I delete the B & g
 and the last one I left the B & g on it. I did the four lines
one at a time but you can see they are all the same size even
the small k and the capital B.
Here five line of text I did one at a time. You
can see the B & g  and all of the lines are the
same size.
Here the same five lines with the B & g deleted.  
Look pretty good and it was easy to do.

One thing you need to remember is to make sure you put the
same size on each line under the Properties Tab.
There are other ways to do this, But for me this is the easiest way.
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