If you own Font Engine, You can take any true type
font that you have save to your computer and with just
a few click you can make it in to a Embroidery file.
Here some site that you can download some free fonts.

A Free Fonts. Click
HERE to download.

DaFont.  Click
HERE to download.

TypeNow  Click
HERE to download.

FreeFont   Click
HERE to download.
You need to be careful where you download Fonts to,
if you put to many fonts in to your main Fonts folder.
It will take longer for your computer to start up when
ever you turn it on. And later on if you want to delete
any of them you will not know which one you can
delete. Will out missing up your computer.
So here is what you need to do. Make a new folder
on your C-Drive or Desk top and give it a new
name such as Folder 1,  Bill Font or My Font. This
is how I do it. I made a new Folder on my desk top
and I call it FONT-1. And now when ever I
download a new font after I unzip it I put it in to
this folder. If I ever need to delete it, I can without
missing up my computer.
This is what my Font folder on my desk top
look like. I have about 200 fonts in this folder
and it doesn't show my computer down any.
Ok now that you down loaded some font and
put them in to your new folder. This is how
you get them to work in Embird.
Open up Font Engine in Embird Editor

You will do this difference in the new
Embird Studio.
When you have Editor Font Engine open.
In the top right side click on the folder that
the arrow is pointing at.
You will get this box. Click on the little folder where
you see the
A, Put it to go where ever you made
your new font folder. See arrow
B . Click OK
Now when ever you open up Font Engine in Editor, All
of your fonts will show up.

Next I will show you how to do it in Enbird Studio 2008
This will not be a tutorial on how to use Font Engine,
but how to get you new fonts to work in it.

Open up Embird Studio Font Engine,
Click on the button that the arrow is
pointing at. That is all you will need to
do, Font engine will search your
computer for any fonts.
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