This is how you would change color in a Embroidery design.

Open the Embrodery file, that you want to make changing to
in Embird manager.

Double click on the file that you want to changer. It will show
up on your left side of the page. Below the file you will see
some small box's that show the color in the design.
The first color will be your background color. The color from
left to right will be you sewing order.

I will use this file.
If you right click on the first color. This box
will come up,  I like to use choose from
catalog, This will let me choose a tread color.
When the next box come up. Make sure that there is
not a check in box
B, In box C you can pick by
name, number or color. In box
D you can pick by the
tread co. After you pick the right color click on ok.
To see the new change, You will need
to click on Apply Color Changes
You will now be able to see the new change.
After you make all of your color changers and you
are happy with them you will need to save the
new color changes. Click on the Save Color
Palette button. Save the color file in the same
folder that the Embroidery file is in and give it the
same name
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