How to Make a Clock
How to make a clock using Font engine.
The first thing I like to do is change my hoop size so I
have lots of room to work in. I will make a hoop size
of 9 X 9 inch's. Click on the hoop tab at the top.
In the next box, click on Custom.
Click in the Custom hoop box, put the number
9 in each of the 2 boxes. Click ok.
Click on the Font Engine button in the top
right side.
On the top left side chose the Font that you would
like to use for your clock numbers. Keep in mind that
not all fonts will sew out good. I used Arial Round
MT Bold. Everyone should have this font on their
computer. It sews out very good.
Click on the little clock in the lower right side.
The face of the clock is 7" X 7".  In box (A)  put
6.50. This will put the number six and 1/2 inch from
the center of the clock. Make sure Outer diameter is
checked. In box (B) I choose not to rotate the
numbers. In box (C) you can choose Roman or
Arabic numbers. I chose Arabic number. Click ok.
You can see what the number parts of your clock
will look like.
If you look in the right bottom on your screen you will see
the numbers are not square. They show 6.11 x 6.48. We
will need to resize the clock.

Click on Edit at the right top and them Set Size.
See this box.
Uncheck Keep aspect ratio. Put 6.50, in each of
the two New size boxes. Click ok.
If you check the size at the bottom, it shows
6.50 x 6.50. This will be the right size for a
clock with a 7" face.
You can have a plain clock with just the numbers.  
Click on File and Merge and bring in any design on your
computer keeping the size of the design no larger than 3
1/2  by 3 1/2. I merged in a design of a telescope. When
you merge in a design, it will put the design in the
middle of the clock. You can move the design around. I
moved the telescope a little up and to the right.
Open Font Engine and type in the letter SDAA. These
initials stand for San Diego Astronomy Association and
you will put whatever you want for your picture. In the
Properties tab. I checked Plain Fill, No Outline, and a
size of 0.75. and click ok.
I moved the SDAA to an area that I thought
looked good.
I have uploaded a zip file with a large and a small
circle at the end of this tutorial, that you can use on
your clock. The large circle, on the outside, is where
you will cut the clock out after you embroider.  The
small circle will be the area to cut out where the stem
fits for the clock hands. The arrow is pointing at the
small inner circle. You can change these circle to any
color you want to.
You should embroider the clock on a heavy cloth,
such as Duck cloth.
Now to put all together to make a clock.
After you embroider and cut out your clock, it should
look like the picture above.
You will need to cut the inside of the small circle out
for the hands.  This Hollow Punch set from Home
Depot is about $7.00, and it works great. I pick the
right size hit it one time with a hammer and I have a
nice cut hole. You can use anything you have to make
the hole.  
You will need some type of Adhesive to glue the cloth
to the card board face of the clock. I use the above
Super 77. You can also get this at Home Depot for
around $10.00. A can of this will last you a long time.
After I spray the adhesive on, I put a weight on top of
all and let it sit over-night to make sure everything
bonds together completely.  
This is the clock I use. It is a 9" mainstays home
clock from Wal-Mart. The cost here in San Diego is
$ 3.48.

The clock is called a 9" clock, but the face is only 7".
Just above the number 12, take a small knife and
pop the clear top off of the clock.
Take the hands off and remember in what order they were

1st second hand.
2nd  minute hand.
3rd hour hand.

When you put the hands back onto the clock, reverse the
order, hour, minute and second hand last.
embroidery to the cardboard insert.

Your clock should look something like this.

You have a finished product.....

I did not glue the embroidery to the clock face, so
you can see some bumps in the fabric. I used this
clock just for the tutorial only. I have several SDAA
clocks already, so I will be taking this clock apart
and put on a new design eventually.
Download the 2 Circle Zip files
Here is a picture of a clock that I made for a
good friend. I digitized a small bone and a
small foot print, and put them in place of the
numbers.  An embroidery file of a puppy is in
the center. Then I added the name.

Look pretty good..
to split this design to fit the hoop sizes that will fit
your machine.

To save for one hooping, click on the hoop tab at the
top and pick the 180 X 300 mm hoop.  This will be a
7 x 12 hoop.  On the left tool bar click on the Center
tool, 12th one down from the top. Once it is centered
you can click on File and Save as. Name it and save it
where you can find it.
Download the PDF file
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