Background Filters
This tutorial will show how to use the background filter in Embird Studio.
Background filter is for lightning or darkening the object you are digitizing.
In this way the nodes which are placed around the object can be better
Bring in an object that you are working on, such as the picture below.
In the picture below, notice the nodes are difficult to see on the dark claw.
Open background filter by clicking on Image located at the left top.  Now
click on background filter.  There will now be a "Work Area" box like the
one below.
In the "Work Area" box, slide the button in the "Brightness" area to the
right to lighten your object or to the left to darken.  While sliding the
button you can see a portion of your design so you can acquire the
brightness you wish to work with.  Most nodes are a dark gray or black,
so I prefer to lighten my objects.

Notice I moved my slider bar to about 52.5% to get the effect I like.  See
the picture below.
When you have the brightness you want, click on apply.
Notice how clearly you can see the nodes in the picture below
from the original picture above.
The project is now ready to be digitized.
You can use this picture by right clicking on it and saving it to your computer
To down load a PDF file of the Background Filter Tutorial.
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