Animated Design
How to make an Animated Embroidery file.
It look great on your embroidery machine. You put it on every
thing in your house that would fit inside of your hoop. So what
do you do will it now.
You can alway make it into a animated file and attach it to an
email to send to all your friends and family so they can watch it
sew out.

Or if you have a web page you can put it on.
This is a picture of an embroidery file that I did a
while back. We will make an Animated file of this
embroidery file. I will not be uploading this
embroidery file for you to use. You will need to
digitize. your own.
Open your design in Embird manager. Left click on the
design one time.
While the design is selected, right click, and click
on Export.
A new box will open. Click on Export Animated Image.
In this box, you can change the Cadence (A). This
will make the Animated go slower or faster. The
higher the number the faster it will go. If you would
like to start off will the complete design at the
beginning put a check mark in (B).
To save, in box (A) give a name to your design. In box (B) it
will save as a "gif" file ( and MUST be saved in "gif"). In box
(C) put the design so you can find where it is saved.

That is all it takes to making an Animated file.  

See below to see the one I just make using this tutorial.
If you would like to have this Cowgirl embroidery file, e-mail me with
your embroidery file type. The cost will be $5.00
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To down load a PDF file of the Animated