B & D Happy Embroidery
Welcome to Our Little Home on the Web

We have a home based embroidery business in San Diego, Calif.
Over the past 11 years I have been playing and learning how to use
different embroidery software to digitize. I like using Embird the best
at this time. For 11 years I have been teaching Embird to small groups
and one on one. If you live in the San Diego area or will be visiting for
a few days let me know and I can put together a class for your needs.
See email, and address below to get a hold of me.
Bookmark this site and check back often, as I will be introducing new
tutorials as time permits.
The following pictures are in our sewing & embroidery room
The big toy a Happy HCD-1501
Her little toy, an Baby Lock Ellegante.
As you can see I can not pass up a sale on embroidery thread.
When I started this, I was only going to do the tutorial call Bear Paw.  I
was going to place this on a GeoCities free web page for everyone to see
and use, and delete after about a week. Four minutes after I posted the
web address on the Yahoo group, there were so many people visiting the
site, so GeoCities closed me down. I received an email from Geocities
telling me that I had used up all of my data transfer for the next 72 hours
and was told it would be 72 hours before anyone else could see my web
page. In the mean time, I’m getting hundreds of emails wanting to know
if I had put the correct web address up, so, I thought about it for the next
2 days. Since it was a good tutorial I decided to get a pay web page. The
thing that caused issues with this was, in the free site I used my own html
code. On the pay site I had to spend a full day just learning how to use
their sites builder program. Now I had to redo the Bear Paw tutorial using
the Site builder program.  I started getting lots of emails from people
wanting to know if I could make a PDF file of the tutorial so they could
work off line.  I didn’t know the first thing about making a PDF file, so I
started emailing other people with web pages asking what program they
used, and spent hours doing a search on Google trying to find a program
that I could learn to make PDF files. What started out as a fun tutorial
turned into buying two more programs and then learning how to use
them. I had to learn how to zip a PDF file in order to upload it to the web
page.  After paying for these new programs and learning how to use
everything, I had my Bear Paw tutorial up with unlimited data transfer.
Now everyone could visit all the time. Now that I have all of the data
transferred I decided to do some more tutorials. I enjoy doing these
tutorials, but they are not easy to do. I use several pictures in order to
make the tutorials for those just starting less complicated.  The Redwork
tutorial alone took me about 8 hours to complete, getting the spelling and
English correct.  At this time I have 21 tutorials on this web site and I am
already working on some more.

When I did the first tutorial it was going to be free. But since then, I have
been spending money and lots of hours doing these tutorials. So if you
would like to help, you can take a  U.S. one dollar bill and mail it to me.
This would be a one time thing only and would help me pay the monthly
web site bill. 21 tutorials for one dollar is only .05 cent per tutorial. Now
that is a good deal. Tell me where you can buy a tutorial for 5 cents?  
Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

You can send it to the address below.

Bill Armstrong
8439 Lake Baca Dr.
San Diego, Ca.

Thanks for the help
Several people have requested to make donations to my
web site through "PayPal".  If you wish to do this, click
on the "Make a Donation" button below.
I have ask in a nice way if you like my tutorial, could you send
me $1.00 this would work out to 5 cent per tutorial. It would help
me pay for the web site and give me a little bit for doing the
tutorial. If you check the counter at the bottom of this page you
will see that their been over 44,302 peoples visited my site in the
past 11 years and only 196 people has sent me anything. I even
put a Paypal link up so peoples in other part of the world such as
Australia can made a Donation. The amount that I have got so
far  " $ 485.00 "  is so small. That I thinking about sending it
back to the people and click Delete on this site. And it will be
gone forever. The amount of time I have spend doing these
tutorials is not hours but days. I have seen other sites that charge
anywhere from $ 5.00 to $ 50.00 for one tutorial.

I enjoy doing for others and people seem to like what I have here.
I am hoping that at least some of you will donate what they feel
my work and time is worth to them. Just click on the Make a
Donation button above.
If you choose to send me money using the mail service, If
you send your email address or if you have already sent
some, send me your email. And anytime I have a new
tutorial I will send you a email letting you know about it.